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The annual auto show held in Manhattan, being well over a century old and one of the most attended car shows in the world, the New York Auto Show has always been the platform for the showing off their latest models by the car manufacturer companies. Here are the best 6 cars which showed up this year:


  1. Range Rover Velar

Raising the curtains on its latest car, this new model of Range Rover is- in a word- suave. This luxurious SUV comes with a high mounted honey-mesh grille some signature features of Range Rover. Keeping in mind the comforts of the buyer, this model keeps in line with its predecessors in terms of minimal and simple interiors.


  1. Audi R8 LMS GT4

Introducing the Audi Sports Brand, the company unveiled its latest race car- Audi R8 LMS GT4. Making heavy modifications for racing purpose, it has also been kept in mind to keep its price from getting out of hand. Powered by theV10 engine and achieving the top speed of 250 kmph, it can hit 100 kmph in mere 4 seconds. Know about others.


Volvo Performance Sedan S60 Polestar |

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Completing its range in the luxury segment of vehicles, the Swedish automobile company- Volvo has launched the new Sedan S60. After the acquiring Polestar- a motorsport team founded in 1996- Volvo had been creating racing cars under this wing, turning it into Volvo’s own performance brand. But now, combining the experience (worth two decades) of Polestar from its racing heritage and Volvo’s legacy, the company has brought this car into the market which is, reportedly, the quickest car from the line-up.


There are loads of things which set this one apart from all that Volvo has offered before to the Indian market. It can pick up the pace from 0 to 100/kmph in a slight of 4.7 seconds and can allow the top speed of 250/kmph. Keeping out from the league of using 6 cylinder engines, this car is known to be using only 4 cylinder engines for which 2-litre twin-charged petrol engines- one being turbocharged, other being supercharged. A power of 367 hp is produced along with the torque of 478 Nm. An 8-speed torque converter automatic gearbox doles out the power to all four wheels. Volvo Performance Sedan S60 Polestar

Honda vs Hyundai – Why Japanese OEM lost the race to its Korean Competitor in India

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Honda and Hyundai both entered the Indian market around the same time (‘95 and ‘96) and since then, Hyundai has undoubtedly trekked its way up to the heart of Indian consumer while Honda has had its own rocky path.


Hyundai with a current portfolio of 12 cars has the 2nd spot and ~17% market share in the otherwise Maruti Suzuki dominated Indian PV market.


I think there are 3 main reasons why Honda, despite being a technologically advanced and globally acknowledged company couldn’t win the Indian market:


Loose Brand Vision:

Honda entered India with Honda Civic, the luxury sedan and soon after launched Honda city- till now its most selling product. It established an image of a premium brand – a brand that was accessible to elite and hence a dream.


Honda compromised on this image by launching mass targeted small cars like Brio, Jazz and Amaze (which later became a taxi car) severely affecting the image and sales of its premium cars. Then again in 2015, Honda shifted its focus to what it does best – Premium and Elite. Honda vs Hyundai

Honda Cars Unveils Compact Crossover WRV | Cargully

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The newest crossover model of Honda Cars India Limited, Honda WR-V has been launched with an introductory price of Rs. 7.75 lakhs and Rs. 9.99 lakhs at ex-showrooms in Delhi. The car has been introduced in S and VX trims and can be run on both petrol and diesel.


Jazz Platform Build

The WR-V is based on the Jazz platform and is taller with a better ground clearance to enhance smooth handling of Indian Roads. The crossover is 44mm longer and wider while being 57mm taller. The wheelbase is also wider than the Jazz by 25mm.


Design details

The car flaunts a buff front that gives it a unique identity. The LED DRLs accentuate the WR-V’s face in addition to its Honda appearance. One good addition to the car is the roof rails while the new tailgate and bumper are distinctive features. Electronic sunroof and push button start have been added to the top-end variants.

Must Have Accessories For Your Car | Cargully


Car buying process does not end with just the possession of the car. The accessories, may it be for safety or for enhancing the look are very necessary. In today’s world, the car dealers have a wide range of accessories which are available at extra price. Choosing the right ones at reasonable prices is very important. It is a wise decision to buy the car accessories from the after-market as it saves a lot of money. To make your work easy, here is a list of must have accessories for your brand new car!


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7 Ways To Get Best Finance Deals On Your Car Purchase | Cargully

7 ways to Get Best Finance Deals on Your Car Purchase, with the era of technology greatly on rise, there has been constant increase in competition, and you as a customer can get a plethora of choices while you decide buying your new car. Now while on one hand this competition is great, there is another side to this story. Finance companies seeing your desire to buy new car will try to offer you deals which might prove to be a bit hard on your pocket. Hence it is time to control your desire and get hold of these few tips which will prove to be quite handful in getting the best finance deals.