apple electric car model

After revolutionizing the entire system of phones and its culture, the leading American computer and electronic software giant- Apple have now decided to tap into the market of the automobile industry. Speculations had already begun around a few years ago that the company was showing interest in transportation side of the business- and have been rightly proven so.


After disclosing that the California Department of Motor Vehicle had granted the permit to begin testing its self-driving cars on public roads, Apple’s entry into the already ongoing race was finally made official. The company has- for a while now- been investing in machine learning and autonomous systems. It finds its purpose on the base that the idea of self-driving cars is transforming and could affect a lot of change in the world. These cars could save congestion and millions of deaths which are caused because of the recklessness of the driver- drunk driving, to begin with! Apple Enters Self Driving Cars Race


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